Mar 17, 2013

Episode 77 and Galactic Suburbia hits 3 years

2678367136_6fa96e3d11 And that’s more than most television series.  I have been an avid listener for about 2 years of that time and must say that Galactic Suburbia has changed the way I look at a number of things, reading, writing and life in general.  And they have done it all through an indirect conversational promotion of feminism.  So Happy Birthday, Tansy, Alisa, Alex and Finchy for bringing us quality commentary for free.

The Show Notes


Random House and their new digital only imprints - specifically Hydra.
SFWA response to Hydra letter
Random House responds
NOTE: Since we recorded this, revisions have been made to the Random House imprint contracts.

Culture Consumed

ALISA: the life of a publisher…
TANSY: A Game of Thrones (the book) and nothing else ever again because THERE ARE MORE BOOKS.
ALEX: Warehouse 13, season 1; Shadow Unit (; Arc 1.4; The Triangle; Anita Sarkeesian’s first Tropes vs Women in Video Games

I also get a short mention this episode for the points I raised on twitter regarding Grimdark that blossomed into this post.

You can play the episode from the player below or you can download it here.

Photo: By George Eastman House showing how short a time its been since women had to campaign for the vote.

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