Mar 29, 2013

They’re back – Writer & the Critic Episode 27

PD*3141165 And they have been away so long this is the first time I have typed a post about them on the new laptop.  This episode starts with acknowledgement that Mondy will be starring in an upcoming episode of Hoarders Australia called Burried in Books as he confess to the fact that he has a massive fire risk in his garage (1500 unread books).

No not really but hey I think I could watch a reality show with Mondy in it.

But seriously 1500 books.

Kirstyn has moved house to somewhere in the wilds of Ballaratia, consequently they had to break into Dave’s house (co-host on the much underrated Shooting the Poo podcast).

This week’s episode covers Infinite Jest and House of Leaves and is complemented by the wonderful personalities of aforementioned hosts.

Go and download this Ditmar Award winning  podcast. Or play from the player below:


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