Jan 22, 2013

The current state of the Bookonaut

seanandWell, January evaporated or was stolen by Aliens.  Seriously I don’t know where its gone.

So as usual I am trailing behind on reading and reviews (my own strict and unrealistic guidelines) and my second podcast.  My internet service has degraded, first back to speeds that were reasonable to work with and then yesterday to the point where I couldn’t load basic Gmail for 3 hours.

I have been jumping through hoops, waiting for a replacement dongle to arrive from Adelaide, testing said dongle and experiencing the same crappy service regardless. 

Tomorrow I must travel to the Clare Valley to test the dongles at a secondary location before my provider will send a request through to Optus to check to see if anything was wrong.

Thankfully I will be picking up The Walking Dead series 1&2.

I bought a new computer from Harvey Norman…never again. 

I ordered a laptop and Norton’s 2013.  Prior to this, I contacted them asking if it was possible for them to delivery it via postal service as couriers seem incapable of delivering to our door even when I give them satellite photos (seriously you only have to make three turns to get from Harvey Norman to my house). I was advised twice that it was okay, the second time rather abruptly.

And low and behold I order it online and get a call saying that I can’t use the postal service and the courier charge to my rural area 2 hrs. from Adelaide is $80 not $15). If they could drop it off at a work location ( I work from home)

It gets better though.  The Norton’s which was bought as part of a cash back enticement was set to run out the day after I ordered.  Note, this fact i.e. the date of expiry, was not advertised on their website.

So now I must wait until I next travel to Adelaide to pick it up.

On the job front.  A pearler of a job seemed to land in my lap with minimal effort. I am still waiting  four hours later for a call back that I was advised would be made in two. So easy come easy go.

I should stop whinging and write.

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