Jan 26, 2013

New eBook solution from Booktopia

Booktopia_Online_Bookstore_120x90I announced last year that Booktopia was going to stop selling Google ebooks.  Not that they had much choice in the matter – Google had decided to stop supplying books to third party providers.

The crew at Booktopia have come up with a solution that allows them to build their own catalogue of eBooks and still enable you to access any Google eBook purchases you made.

Here’s their letter:

Dear Sean,

As a customer who has bought eBooks from Booktopia in the past we want to let you know of changes to the Booktopia eBook offering from January 28th, 2013. 

The main messages for you are that from January 28th, 2013:

  • You CAN continue to read all Google eBooks you bought from Booktopia before this date
  • You CAN continue to buy and read eBooks from Booktopia and keep and read your Booktopia eBooks in your Booktopia account library
  • You CAN download the NEW BOOKTOPIA READER APP for both Apple and Android devices to read on your phone or tablet
  • You CAN read both Google AND non-Google eBooks you purchased from Booktopia on the App
  • Google will no longer be supplying eBooks to retailers worldwide, so we launched a new eBook range AND the Booktopia Reader App for you to use instead of Google Play

Some details...

We are building up a new, exciting eBook range for Booktopia customers.  Also, to increase our independence from Google's eBooks, we have launched the free Booktopia Reader app for both iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices, and Android - specifically customised for Booktopia customers; you can use your Booktopia login to access your Booktopia eBook library and read all the eBooks that you have bought from us, (Google or otherwise) without having to create a Google account to download and use Google Play.  You can also download your eBooks to your eBook device as per normal , via Adobe Digital Editions, but using your Booktopia username and password for authentication; again without needing a Google account.

So on January 28th, we are turning off the Google eBook collection for sale on our website and continuing with the replacement providers who don't require you to create any extra accounts and can be read on your Apple or Android device with the Booktopia Reader, or on your dedicated eReader device.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your eBook experience with Booktopia and continue to look for great bargains and excellent customer service from the Booktopia team.

Buy an eBook, download our free Booktopia Reader app and tell us what you think.

Is there a downside?

The only downside is that because you HAD to use Google Play to read Google eBooks on your iOS or Android device, and Google Play doesn't read eBooks that are not from Google, you therefore will not be able to use Google Play to read any eBooks you buy from Booktopia after this date  (because the eBooks are not from Google). 

HOWEVER, you can download the Booktopia Reader onto your iOS or Android device and read both your Google eBooks and your new eBooks you purchase from Booktopia. That's why we built the app specifically for Booktopia customers - so you can access your whole library - both previous Google eBooks and new eBooks - at the same time in the same place.

If you have an eReader device, you can still read your old AND new eBooks; as usual you will need to have the Adobe login that you downloaded your old eBooks with in order to read them (because of the account  that is attached to every eBook at the time you first downloaded it).  However all old and new eBooks will appear in your library, and you can use your Booktopia username and password to read your new eBooks.You do not need your Google login anymore.  Adobe Digital Editions prompts you for which ID you need when you download an eBook - your old Adobe ID or your Booktopia ID. As time goes on and you read more eBooks, you will only need to use the one Booktopia ID and not worry about anything else.

A bit of background...

A day before Easter 2012, Google announced that it was going to cease distributing eBooks through all retailers worldwide on January 31, 2013.  This came as a surprise to us as you can well imagine, as Booktopia was arguably the most successful eBook reseller for Google worldwide. 

We took the announcement in our stride (as we do!) and immediately put plans in place to replace Google as an eBook supplier on our site while continuing to offer a great eBook product to the Australian market with the level of service we are famous for. We announced to our customers the news from Google, and set about sourcing alternative eBook providers, which we integrated and launched quietly just before Christmas 2012. So on Monday we are turning off just the Google eBooks as they won't be able to supply.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through your Message Centre in your Booktopia account or contact our Customer Service team.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

Steven Traurig
CIO and Co-Founder

Booktopia Pty Ltd


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