Jan 5, 2013

International Speculative Fiction Issue 2


International Speculative Fiction is a free e-Zine featuring top quality writing from international authors (preference given to non-anglophone authors) of Speculative fiction.

I gave issue one a signal boost here.  You can download this issue here.  I suggest you do so, because I think its packed with diverse goodness.

It features fiction from Nassau Hedron, Lavie Tidhar and Ken Liu.

Cristian Tamas interviews Professor Rachel Haywood Ferreira, author of  The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction and there’s a profile of cover artist Tomasz Maronski, whose work you will have seen if you’ve been reading Asimovs or Clarkesworld.

The fiction pieces are reprints, but it’s fine with me because although I have heard of each of the authors I haven’t yet come across them in any of my current subscriptions.  Your mileage may vary.

That being said editor in chief Roberto Mendes and team have done a fine job in selecting a trio of excellent stories.

Nassau Hedron gives us a mythic tale of love, tragedy and rebirth in  Siren Songs in Deep Time, Lavie Tidhar’s  Aphrodisia feels like the love child of 2312 and Neuromancer, a tale of obsessive love and holidaying in far future South East Asia. And Ken Lui’s Single-Bit Error, well I say read it, superb craftsmanship, beautiful imagery, I only wish any of the Philip K. Dick shorts I have read had half the artistry Lui displays in this piece.

You can’t get much better value than quality fiction at $0.00. Go Enrich your reading life.

Note:  ISF comes in pdf format.

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