Jan 11, 2013

Friday Links is free fiction and girls with guns

owlGeez have I been busy.  Interview preparation, writing columns, writing fiction…I shudder to think how I am going to handle going back to work in February and doing everything else I want to do.

But without further ado here’s some links for you:

In line with my focus on International Speculative Fiction here’s a post from Kaz Augustin from Sandal press with a sampler of their 2012 fiction releases as well as  some commentary on covers with women toting firearms in Free Sampler now out plus #guns, guns, guns! #ebook

Lisa L Hannett has started writing a column for UK horror site This is Horror called Southern Dark.  Her first column Wide Open Fear: Australian Horror and Gothic Fiction is an excellent examination of recent Australian horror.

Author Sue Bursztynski is having a hard time  getting publicity for her book Wolfborn, released in the US without much fanfare.  Perhaps fellow bloggers with links to YA bloggers in the US can help.  Check out Searching For Review Blogs

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