Jan 10, 2013

A call for international speculative fiction publications

I put out a call on twitter last night for recommendations of international speculative fiction authors. Sometimes 140 characters is just not enough to clearly explain what your are after. 

I did get a good response though with suggestions for Singapore, The Philippines and China.

The Project

I will be writing a review column for the e-zine International Speculative Fiction, my first column will appear in the January issue.

The Request

I am soliciting for review copies or contacts where I might be able to engage in a discussion with small press publishers.

Before I drown under the deluge I better explain what I am after:

  • Non-Anglophone authors primarily but that have
  • Texts written in English or translated to English
  • Authors of quality who don’t seem to have got the attention they deserve i.e. authors no-one seems to be talking about yet, someone like the next Nnedi Okorofor,  Dean Francis Alfar or Liu Cixin
  • Someone who might be a big name in their country of origin but who isn’t known in western speculative fiction circles.


I have no preference but considering the likelihood that we are looking at vast shipping distances, ebooks in epub format are ideal. I am looking at collections, anthologies, or novels.  I’ll rule out individual short fiction and magazines.


That I’ll read and review every book?  I can’t guarantee that.  I can guarantee that if it’s good and fresh that it’s got a good chance of making it to my reading list.  I do already, heavily promote Australian authors, Australian female authors, run this blog conduct interviews, and produce a podcast (which some of the authors who might come to my attention could feature on) and somewhere in their I have to fit in the work that pays me and talk to my wife as well.

So fire away, leave suggestions or comments.  Publishers or agents feel free to contact me at sbwright at gmail dot com with [International Review Request] in the subject field.

If in doubt suggest anyway.

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