Jan 4, 2013

Adventures of a Bookonaut in Epub or Mobi

seanandBecause I know that you just can’t get enough of this blog I have hunted down a service that will enable you to download the last 25 posts of this blog into an epub and mobi file(actually I didn’t hunt it down per se, it was showcased on Teleread). 

I know, am I not wonderful?

Seriously though, am I not wonderful.

Ok getting on with it.  It’s a service called Ebook Glue and it does a pretty good job of formatting posts into eReader formats ( to be honest I haven’t checked out the mobi file)but the epub was better compiled than one tested through DotEpub.

The site is in its infancy but I hope that as it devlops that i might be able to get filtered links so that I can compile an ebook of just my reviews for a certain year.

To download a copy of the 25 most recent blog posts go here.

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