Jan 5, 2013

Creating eBooks of your blog posts

ebook_256This is a follow up of sorts from yesterday’s post, it’s part reference for myself and for any other interested readers.  You’ll notice the eBook image to the right—>, where you should be able to download either a .mobi or .epub file of my 25 most recent posts to read in comfort on your preferred device.

That’s all well and good, but its a bit of a shotgun approach.  I asked the developer of eBook Glue if it was possible to provide a way of selecting specific types of posts and it is.

As it currently stands Ebook Glue takes your RSS feed and simply compiles an ebook(.mobi or .epub) file from the 25 most recent posts.  My RSS feed is below:


I simply take this url and plug it into the field at Ebook Glue (note you don’t have to sign up but I have as it saves my feeds).


Creating eBooks from specific labels

Now let’s say I want to give you (and me) the option of downloading just my book reviews.  I would need to modify the feed to search for the Book Review label


Note: the %20 seems to indicate a space in the label, for single word labels it’s not necessary.

It will still only generate a file of up to 25 posts but it’s an improvement.


Capturing Multiple Search Labels

Lets say that I want to refine it even further though and search for multiple labels.  Say I want to be able to download all the Book Reviews that I have written for Margo Lanagan.


You’ll see above that all you need to do is separate the search terms with a  /



The developer has only been offering the service for 2 weeks, and plans to build upon it as it evolves and I presume he gets feedback from users.  I’d like to be able to create eBooks of all my reviews (somewhere in the vicinity of 70 post per year) and perhaps make ebooks of particular post series i.e. might have been handy for some of my work to be in ebook form for last year’s Ditmars.

So what do other bloggers think?


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