Jul 21, 2012

The Writer and The Critic Episode 21

PD*3141165perhaps current holder for the longest single  Australian Specfic Podcast coming in at a wonderful 02:16:53m.

Great if you do chores or mow the lawns while listening, like me

…I have a lot of lawn.

Anyway a number of things appear to contribute to the length of the podcast

  • Guest and rambler extraordinaire Jonathan Strahan of Coode Street (who I would happily listen to for 3 hours alone talking about Scifi)
  • Kirstyn and Mondy who I would happily listen for the same length of time because Kirstyn is genuinely and excitingly brilliant on gender and Mondy because he plays the wide eyed, innocent white male questioner perfectly
  • They decided to do three books, yes three.

I am sure they are throwing down a challenge with this cast.

The books were

  1. Galveston (Jonathan’s choice)
  2. The Drowning Girl
  3. Akata Witch

But enough of my prattle.


or play below:

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