May 18, 2014

The Stars Like Sand Anthology preparing for lift off

Apparently it’s a physical thing, this anthology I’m in.  One of our intrepid editors, Penelope Cottier, has a photos of it in the wild here. But it’s not quite a thing that you can own yet.  You can order it in physical or digital form from the IP website here.  It’s official release date is in June

starsFollowing up on our award-winning Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand, IP has released an anthology of even wider scope showcasing the best in Australian speculative poetry from early times to the present.

Co-edited by renowned editors Tim Jones and P.S. Cottier, it features a virtual Who's Who of Australian poets including Judith Beveridge, Les Murray, Paul Hetherington, John Tranter, Diane Fahey, joanne burns, Caroline Caddy, David P Reiter, Peter Boyle, Alan Gould, Luke Davies, S.K. Kelen, Peter Minter, Jan Owen, Dorothy Porter, Philip Salom, Samuel Wagan Watson, Rod Usher, Jo Mills ... and many more!

Travel to the stars and beyond in this anthology by Australia's leading poets. Witness the end of the world, time travel to the future near or far, or teleport with a fairy or witch. 

Ghosts, dreams and strange creatures breed and mingle in these pages. 

Poetry has never been so mind-bending, or so entertaining.


So um yeah I’m in a collection with some really, really good Aussie poets. 

Now if you would like to get a copy signed by some of the poets you can come along to one of the launches.  I’ll be at the Melbourne launch on Friday 6th of June, details as follows:


Friday 6 June 2014, 6 for 6:30pm
Collected Works Bookshop
Level 1, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Free event, book signings available!

RSVP: Phone (03) 9654 8873
or email

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