Dec 14, 2011

Goodreads Giveaway by Claire Corbett

whenClaire Corbett, Australian author of the acclaimed When We Have Wings is offering to copies for giveaway on goodreads.

You can enter here.

The story

In a dystopian near-future, genetic engineering, radical surgery and a regime of drugs can give you something humans have always dreamed about: the ability to fly. If you have the money, you can join this self-created elite: the winged.

These fliers are not only given wings; they have their own architecture, fashion, religion and politics, and build floating towers in the sky. Those who live outside The City in the rural slums of RaRA-land can only look up at this new species of human in wonder and despair.

Except for one remarkable girl, Peri, who is prepared to sacrifice everything to get her own wings. When she kidnaps a rich family’s child, the investigation threatens to undermine the glittering world of fliers and reveal its ruthless secrets.


What others have said

“This book is mischievous with scientific meddling in a way that echoes Margaret Atwood's dystopian fiction Oryx and Crake. Corbett creates a world where cars have artificial intelligence ….plants glow at night.. spliced with jellyfish genes and… lions are shrunk to the size of a cat….Corbett's prose has the clarity, luminosity and beauty of a well-cut diamond.... this flight of fancy deserves to soar.”

Thuy On. The Weekend Australian

“This is what makes When We have Wings unsettling--the realisation that this is a metaphor for today's world….Humanity is still the force that matters and endures.”

Mary Philip - The Daily Telegraph

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