Nov 21, 2012

Wednesday links for the win

So folks, there has been a fair bit of internet win the last two days.  I thought I might spread some of the links that I have found of interest:

First up is Peter M Balls Pledging My Allegiance to the Fake Geek Army which is comment on the furore caused by Comic Book creator Tony Harris.  Peter articulates many of the feelings I have on the subject.  This post and Tansy Rayner Roberts’ post What Geek Girls Wear (Is None of Your Business) mean that I won’t have to vent my spleen.  If you are still hankering for more on the subject David MacDonald also has a post called Geek Tribalism and Sexism.

Do you ever get tired of companies trying to push the boundaries with ebooks, offering a transmedia experience (ie imbedded movies, qr codes that lead you to other sites).  Do you feel like we are being trained to buy the next best bit of techno- bling? Well check out Joel Naoum’s blog over at Momentum – you’ll be interested in what he has to say in Who Wants to Read this Stuff? The Business of Storytelling in a Digital World.

And while you are looking at things Momentuum, check out their Podcast – Podmentum, especially episode 2 where they talk genre versus literature and Literature goes home in a body bag (not really, but it’s very genre friendly).

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