Nov 20, 2012

Coming Soon–The Adventures of a Bookonaut Podcast


Yes I am intent on hearing my on voice and forcing you to listen to it as well. Oh I went for Tardis blue for the background - do you like?

But what about Galactic Chat?

Yes still doing that as well.

Ok but aren’t you supposed to be writing?

Hmmm. Yes. But I have to have other passions to for when the rejections come home to roost.

Ok I’m interested. So what’s it about?

Well I’m glad you asked. At this stage I am planning interviews tied more to a theme than one offs.  Similar to my authors and social media set last year. So I am hoping to make a feature of some Singaporean speculative fiction writers to begin with.

My hope is to have content that

a) isn’t being replicated elsewhere and

b) that gives the fringes of Speculative fiction/genre a boost.

So at the moment I am toying with format.  I think it best to make it a monthly show and that really rules out any sort of news segment.  I could give concise reviews of books/short stories that I have read that are worthy of the attention but I am not convinced that you really want to hear that.

But one thing I am going to be bringing about is reader feedback in the form of voice recording.  That’s right you will be able to go to a link and record a message that I will hopefully include as part of the podcast.

I know, its just like talkback radio except it’s not live and I don’t get paid

So feel free to either make your suggestions in the comment field below or…

record a message here.

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