Oct 31, 2012

Writerly Update

As I have mentioned before one of the great outcomes of attending workshops is connecting with people.  As a result of attending a recent workshop I was invited to join a diverse and experienced writers group.

So yesterday I travelled three hours to meet with my group.

It was my turn to submit a work and have it critiqued.  Now, the story had been workshopped already and it’s gone through 2 major redrafts.  I was thinking that it was in fairly good shape.

And to some extent it was.  I am very proud of the work done so far, although there seemed to be a niggling feeling, an intuition that something was missing.

And that my readers is the benefit of having a group of people who bring diverse talent and experience to the table.  They were able to tease out and articulate options for fine turning the story into something that I can say “Yes I have done my best on this.”

So once more unto the breach…

I am giving myself a month to redraft and then I will start submitting.  I think I have to state a deadline or the result will be for me to continually tinker with the story.  I want memorable and believable characters, something that will immerse the reader.  Something that will hopefully standout.  It’s worth just a little more effort.

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