Oct 28, 2012

Der Autor und der Kritiker episode 24

PD*3141165That they would be able to review six books in one podcast was always going to be a tall order, so splitting their eBook extravaganza into a 2 part podcast was a good idea.

In this episode, which must bring them nearly to their second anniversary, Kirstyn and Mondy cover Angelfall by Susan Ee, Anticopernicus by Adam Roberts and The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer.

Next podcast they will feature The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar III, The Silence of Medair by Andrea K Höst, Paintwork by Tim Maughan.

I would have liked them to take a good look at Tor Roxburgh’s Light Heart of Stone, because it’s a really inventive, Australian work that I think falls under the guidelines above (though perhaps because it’s also a print publication it doesn’t – still its published by it’s author).

I am sure they had mountains of recommendations anyway.

Enjoy the podcast.  Download it here or play below:

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