Oct 5, 2012

Ebook Revolution Podcast

EbookReolutionLogoWell it seems that my internet issues are abating (finds wood to knock). 

Recently I had the chance to attend a workshop run by Lisa Hannett ( and a wonderful workshop it was) and as happens at such events  you get to networking with a whole heap of people who are members of the “writing tribe”.

So I would like to introduce my readers to one of the people I met at the course -Emily Craven.

Now you can read about Emily here.  But briefly she’s one of that set of intelligent young writers that is really taking to new technologies, the change in old ones and bringing that learning back to her own community.

So without further ado here’s the launch episode of her Ebook Revolution Podcast, which came out of a blog that she has been running for a year.

You can play below or you can download direct here.

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