Jan 29, 2012

While we’re on the topic of Lanagan–Black Juice for $6.95

blackjBooktopia have a sale on her collection of Black Juice .  Ignore their categorisation of it as teen fiction, Lanagan’s work is mature, poetic and at times complex. 

The story Sining My Sister Down had me in tears and Red Nose Day is my favourite clown genocide story.

It’s at $6.95 in paperback form.  I’d buy it if I didn’t have it already.

Don’t believe me here’s what others say:

Black Juice runs through us all.

Black Juice is a book of extraordinary stories breathtakingly fierce and surprisingly tender, they explore the dark and the light, and pit the frailty of humans against implacable forces.

Every story in Black Juice is rich, strange, wonderful and compelling. Margo Lanagan is an enormously talented and skilful writer, with a powerful and original imagination.' Garth Nix

'An exceptional collection of stories: strange, strong, beautifully written. Margo Lanagan has a truly individual voice.' David Almond

'Like a song, Lanagan's language imperceptibly builds a place and a time that is unfamiliar yet strangely familiar; a place that we recognise, not by its mysterious rites and objects, but by the tender cry, the outrage, the yearning, the despair of the human hearts we encounter there. I'm jealous. Martine Murray

I want to hire a plane and write Black Juice across the sky so that people will read these intense, rich, disturbing stories. John Marsden.

Click here to purchase.

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