Jan 20, 2012

Podcasts aplenty

Galactic-Suburbia-CakeI know I have been working hard when Saturday comes around and suddenly I am three… no,  four podcasts behind.


Galactic Suburbia 51

The Women of Galactic Suburbia have sailed past the half century with Episode 51

Their tagline reads:

In which women aren’t funny, don’t write important books, but come in handy as assassins and thieves.

You can find the download here or play direct from the player below

There’s also a competition being run listen to checkout the Creature Court Giveaway.

recliner-smallCoode Street 83 & 84

The elder statesmen dynamic duo of the Speculative Fiction Podcasting Sphere continue to give us solid, rambling commentary on the field. 

Episode 83 features author Elizabeth Hand.

For there Hugo special Episode 84 they even decide to get an awards expert (Cheryl Morgan) in to give themselves credibility.

Download Episode 83 here

Download Episode 84 here

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