Jan 15, 2012

Galactic Suburbia racks up a half century -Episode 50


Congratulations to the women of Galactic Suburbia for reaching such a hefty milestone(oh and the silent producer).

I can’t tell you how much this show has altered my perspective for the better…well I can but I think you should give the show a listen and experience the awesome goodness that is the Galactic Suburbia team.

50 episodes of entertaining speculative fiction commentary with delicately infused feminist perspectives, that creep up on you and lift the veil of privilege from your eyes (getting a bit wordy aren’t I?).

ehem…. just download it you won’t be sorry.

Episode 50

In which we leap happily back and forth (with occasional ranting) over those fine lines between feminist critique and anti-female assumptions, plus share our bumper collection of holiday culture consumed. Happy New Year from the Galactic Suburbia crew!

You can download the show here or click play in the flashplayer below


You can send feedback to the team at galacticsuburbia@gmail.com, follow them on Twitter at @galacticsuburbs.

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