Jan 19, 2012

Renovation madness necessitates Thursday links.

2012-01-19 14.29.01I have a couple of book reviews coming but have been flat out renovating the past two days(see studio conversion to the left) so they are peculating at the moment.

So instead I have some interesting links that I have cleaned out of my Google reader.


First we have a post from the Australian Author Patty Jansen on her year of self publishing.  I think its good for those who might be ensnared by the publishing success of Joe Konrath, Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking.  It’s Patty’s

Ten Home Truths About Starting In Self-publishing

Rowena Cory Daniels brings our attention to a very well paying short story comp being run by the Fantasy Faction site in

Calling Short Story Writers

Australian author Gary Corby’s second Athenian Mysteries Book has been released as an ebook - The Ionia Sanction.  The first is The Pericles Commission.

And finally Bad Film Diaries podcast is back with a cast on Tower Heist, Tin Tin and Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows (might contain some rough language).

See you all in a couple of days.

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