Jul 4, 2014

Dimmension 6 Issue 2 is live

D6cover2cdl Just click on the badge to the left and you will be taken through to the Dimension 6 page where you can download your copy of Issue Two (in Mobi or epub format). Or you can click here if the image isn’t showing in your browser.

What is Dimension 6 and How did it come about?

Short answer - a collection of free fiction, free from a price tag and free from DRM but containing the some of the cream of Australian SpecFic Writing.

Long answer – read Angela Slatter’s interview with Dimension 6 publisher Keith Stevenson of Coeur De Lion Publishing




Issue 2 features:

    ‘At Dawn’s Speed’ by Dirk Strasser
    Swift and her tribe have been running their whole lives, because the touch of the sun brings the ‘silvering’.


    ‘Upon a Distant Shore’ by Alan Baxter
    Astronaut Anatoly Novikov wanted a mission that would inscribe his name on the ages. Finally he got one.


    ‘He Ain’t Dead’ by Robert N Stephenson
    It’s simple really. Don’t mess with native American burial mounds.

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