Mar 13, 2014

Night Terrace kicks off

So Night Terrace kick starter is off and running and they look to be doing very well having funded 25% on day one.  Could it be the talent of the writing and production team headed up by John Richards of Outland fame?  Is it the announcement of stars like Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy from Neighbours) as the lead Anastasia Black? Perhaps it’s the groundwork put in by the team that brought you Splendid Chaps?

Ok what is Night Terrace?

Night Terrace is an 8-part audio comedy that follows the adventures of Anastasia Black, played by Neighbours icon Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy). Anastasia is a scientist who used to save the world as part of a secret government organisation but now just wants a quiet retired life in the suburbs. She's understandably miffed, therefore, when her house spontaneously starts travelling in space and time. She'll travel from the ancient past to the distant future, from pre-historic Melbourne to the edges of human understanding. All the while trying to find a way home.

This marks the third production for the successful Splendid Chaps team. As well as their Doctor Who podcast they also created a stage production for the Melbourne Fringe Festival entitled  Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision which played to rave reviews and packed houses (“a snappy script and brilliant actors... an impressively rendered telling of loss, hope, art and spirit.” - Crikey).


What is this about Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform so if the production team don't raise their target amount by the deadline of April 12th no money changes hands, making it risk-free to backers. People can buy a digital download of the entire series or choose deluxe rewards such as an associate producer credit, their name included in the show or even a copy of the first episode on clear 12” vinyl including a message specially recorded just for them.

The series will co-star the Chaps' Ben McKenzie and Petra Elliott alongside Jackie Woodburne as well as guest appearances and cameos from many of Melbourne's best comedians.

Click on the widget below to take you through to their kickstarter page, where you can check out some of the different reward options like getting a line of dialogue in your voice included in an episode.

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