Mar 9, 2014

Incoming: The Night Terrace by the evil geniuses behind Splendid Chaps

terrace If you were following all things Whovian for the 50th Anniversary special who would have known about Splendid Chaps.  Well they have decided to launch a sci-fi comedy podcast (edit: its actually a series Sean, that will be available for purchase after the kickstarter) called The Night Terrace.  A kickstarter will be launched in mid march, so keep your eyes open. 

The Night Terrace

Anastasia Black used to save the world for the government, but now she just wants a quiet life. So when her house abruptly starts travelling in time and space she’s understandably miffed. She’s also not exactly thrilled about Eddie Jones, who happened to be on her doorstep at the time and is now her unlikely fellow traveller. University hasn’t prepared Eddie to cope with other worlds or time paradoxes, but he still thinks they’re a step up from selling electricity plans door-to-door.

Together Anastasia and Eddie will face alien invasions, hideous monsters, and a shadowy figure known only as “Sue”. All the while hoping the house will eventually take them home…

Night Terrace is an original science fiction comedy audio series written, produced and performed by the minds behind hit Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps. Initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the first series of eight episodes will also be available to purchase via digital download.

Until the Kickstarter campaign launches, watch this site, follow us on Twitter, watch the Splendid Chaps Facebook page, or sign up to our mailing list via the form to keep up to date with the latest Night Terrace news.   [Source]

For those international readers wondering more about the writing and production team.  John Richards was responsible in a major way for Outand

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