Mar 2, 2014

Published – The King in Tincture Journal 5

tincture5 The kind folks at Tincture Journal have just released their fifth issue featuring my poem The King along with short stories from Jodi Cleghorn and SG Larner.  Another fan of Japanese form, Ashley Capes, features as well. 

If you are interested in purchasing you can go here.  The Journal is around 280 pages according to my reading software, so it’s great value for money at $8 AUD. 

Tincture are a paying market and DRM free.


You can read the Table of Contents below:

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Inferior Bedrooms, Part Five, by Meg Henry
  • “Emotional Truth,” said the parrot, by Ashley Borodin
  • The Man Who Is Passing Through, by Michel Ge
  • The Demographic Decides, by David Lumsden
  • The Next Turn in the Maze, by David Lumsden
  • David Lumsden interviewed by Stuart Barnes
  • The Salesman, by Austin DeGroot
  • Something to Carry, by Elen Cox
  • Hoary, by Michele Seminara
  • Pearls Mean Tears, by Gargi Mehra
  • Animals, by Alyson Miller
  • Diary of a Tree-Sitter, by S. G. Larner
  • Strong, by Sarah Taylor-Fergusson
  • The Emilies, by Robin Dunn
  • Entropy, by Fleur Brown-Beeby
  • The Insomniac, by Jameson Rader
  • Break up, by Vanessa Page
  • I’m Afraid of Bad Dreams, by J.C.G. Goelz
  • Humbert, by Cassandra Atherton
  • Nothing New to Begin, by Jodi Cleghorn
  • The Dinner Party, by Kelly Hulin
  • temple, by Ashley Capes
  • The Freezing Reality, by Michael Mohr
  • Question, by Hao Guang Tse
  • Falling, by Shane Mac Donnchaidh
  • The King, by SB Wright
  • Lord of the Manor, by Simon A. Smith
  • Euthasia, by Murdock Grewar
  • Grey Streets, by Ellie Kiosses

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