Feb 3, 2013

Post-it note poetry–Burnt

photoJodi Cleghorn and Adam Byatt have got a post-it note poetry thang going on for the month of February. 

So yes, poor reader, I am going to inflict bad poetry on you.  The rules are that it must fit on a post it note and ability and skill are optional. 

Unfortunately I have no post-its at my disposal so you’ll just have to imagine my underdeveloped handwriting on paper and make do with the pixels.

So here’s my first, get your rotten tomatoes ready.



A hint of smoke

wafting on gentle breeze.

Gum and wattle share a funeral pyre.


My Apologies.

FYI – Time taken to construct 5 minutes arranging words, 10 minutes thinking about them while hanging the first load of washing.

EDIT: Post it and penwork provided by Jodi Cleghorn


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