Feb 3, 2013

Book Release–Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Anneque Malchien


Western Australian Publisher Winterbourne Publishing has Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Australian  author Anneque Malchien

I have only read one of Winterbourne’s titles, Bus Stop on A Strange Loop ny Shaun Webb Lafferty in late 2011.  It’s good crunchy, time travel scifi, in a very well put together paperback.

I haven’t heard of Anneque but here’s the blurb on the book and some information about her. 


Wicked cover imageTearing the world apart will be their pleasure
Haru is a refugee from another world, who has devoted his new life on Midgard to mending rifts and trying to help fallouts like him. Tenma is a young girl dying of the Fade, whose desperate fiancé will do anything to save. Their destinies entwine in this Manga-inspired doorstopper, by turns funny, thrilling and touching — but always full of adventure.


About the author:

Anneque Malchien lives in the Snowy Mountains where she enjoys a variety of escapism techniques, including writing, painting, video games, music and occasionally actually leaving. Her next holiday will be around Mongolia on horseback. When she returns home she intends to write a saga about giant robots roaming the post-apocalyptic Mongol steppes.

Going direct to the Winterbourne store will get you discounted prices.  But I believe they are also available for purchase through Amazon


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