Feb 26, 2013

Post-it Note Poetry- Summer Squalls

Ok, am really beginning to enjoy iambic tetrameter.  It will be sad when Post-It note poetry month is over as I have enjoyed the challenge.  This next one was a little too long for one post it so I present it without a picture, for your enjoyment.

Summer Squall


A summer squall is rolling in

A subtle draft, a pleasant breeze,

has turned into a broiling thing

of heated words and brimming tears


The pressure builds and peace is rent,

the squall pulls in a thousand thoughts

from petty showers not quite yet spent

and love is lost, as battle's fought.


But like, some old heroic tale

of Gods or Titans locked in war

This summer squall begins to fall;

cool tears, warm limbs, and love once more.

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