Feb 17, 2013

Adventures of a Bookonaut Podcast Ep. 2 Jodi Cleghorn



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Adventures of a Bookonaut Podcast Episode 2

In Episode 2 Sean interviews Jodi Cleghorn author, editor and co-founder of eMergent Publishing. They talk about Jodi’s work in publishing, running charity events, and growing new authors. Then they focus on Jodi’s burgeoning career as a writer of quality short fiction.

Note: There has been a format change to single author interviews to allow faster production turnaround and to ease time pressures caused by your hosts’s new job.


Mentioned in the podcast were stories From Stage Door Shadows -"Indigo" and "Cocaine, My Sweet Heart." From Eighty Nine.

The novella Elyora is free at Rabbit Hole Special Issue Review of Australian Fiction (just view the sample it’s actually the entire book)

Jodi writes the Ella-Louise character at Post Marked: Piper's Reach .

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Music featured in this podcast is from the song Voodoo Machine by Lavoura downloaded from the Free Music Archive and Licensed under these conditions

Voodoo Machine (Lavoura) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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