Feb 28, 2013

Post-it note Poetry – Friendships Found

Today is the last installment of the Post-it Note poetry challenge.  It’s not without some sadness that I compiled this last poem.  I will be continuing on writing poetry but perhaps not on this blog.  Though each post has sustained the same amount of hits as non poetry posts, they don’t seem to generate commentary and they don’t fall within the purview of the blog.

So to February I bid a fond farewell and offer you Friendship Found a poem dedicated to the wonderful and vibrant poets at Post It Note Poetry


Friendships Foundshot_1362013617492

A pattern seeking hominid

my mind does seek some greater plan,

some great and noble path laid out

a gift from God, or some such being.


But though, my thoughts are lead as such

for at the centre, me, it places

it is but chance and choice that leads

to merry meetings, moments seized.


That I should chance to find my way

to minds and hearts as true as yours

without so much a guiding hand

makes friendships found, all the sweeter.


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