Nov 29, 2011

Sentients of Orion eBooks available in the US

soo_dark-space_webMarianne de Pierres’ critically acclaimed Sentients of Orion series will be coming to the US in eBook form.  The first two books were previously released for a short period of time and then withdrawn.

Marianne happily informs us that the whole set is being made available in the very near future.

She’s even set up a website for the books - here

So who should buy Sentients of Orion?

There’s talented hard working authors who can work well within a genre  producing good works and giving the content hungry fans, their life sustaining space opera.

Then there are authors that bend the genre to their will infuse it with aspect of themselves that makes it wholly original.  I find Marianne to be one of those authors- if you want original space opera, something to give you that little bit extra I think you should check out the series.

I’ll be reading the entire series and reviewing it as part of Australian Women Writers 2012 National Year of Reading Challenge but don’t just rely on my opinions, go to the website and read what others have been saying.

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