Jan 27, 2014

Stats for Australian Women Writers 2013

awwbadge_2013[4] If you are interested in this project that I and many Australians have been involved in over the last 2 years please take a look at the end of year reporting on the achievements of the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Big Increase in Reviews for Australian Women Writers!

In 2013 Australian women writers received a large increase in online reviews. The number of reviews entered in the Australian Women Writers’ Challenge increased by nearly twenty percent compared to 2012.

In its second year the Challenge demonstrates that the groundswell of enthusiasm for books written by Australian women is increasing. This is a trend that traditional literary publications need to adjust to. Readers expect to see as many reviews of books by women as they do of men. All genders are equally capable of quality writing. All genders write about a wide variety of interesting topics.


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If you’d like to join the challenge, all you need to do is sign up.  You don’t even have to be an Aussie, just read Australian Women Writers.  You don’t even have to review, though we’d love it if you did.  Please check out this page to find out more.

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