Jan 14, 2014

Eligibility Posts – A reader’s point of view

I read only 54 books last year, but that didn’t even scratch the surface of what was published.   It would be impossible to read everything published in SF&F in a year, and that’s just the middling to great stuff.  Too much info to sift through.  I don’t really care about the Hugo’s unless someone I know is eligible and even then I usually can’t vote.  I’d rather spend the money on interesting SF&F coming out from SE Asia. But for those awards that I can vote in, I do like to be reminded about or alerted to, what’s out there.


please talk about your stuff that is eligible, do it in any damn way you please.  Do what you feel comfortable doing?  If you turn into a used car salesperson I might un-follow you or… you know, exercise the ability to click on the next title in my RSS feed or walk out and water the chooks.  Let me worry about whether you are creating too much white noise. I am a grown up and if you get boring and start advertising your books I have this strange and apparently rare ability to decide things for myself - I can change the channel.

Talk about your works and what you really liked about them, point me to others reviews.  Reflect on your career to this point.  Just make it interesting.  I have an atrocious memory for books, can’t remember what I read at the start of last year, or midyear for that matter, so jog my memory. Remind me that I haven’t read enough gender diverse material.

Your posts combined with others opinions might lead me to buy and read your work.  Usually it takes a couple of mentions by different folks before I take an interest

Don’t feel like doing it.  Fine just write great fiction and I am sure I’ll encounter you somewhere along the line.

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