Jan 13, 2014

Giveaway – The Old School

the-old-school Australian author has a giveaway running on Goodreads for The Old School. So what’s it about?

'Two things you want to remember about the good old days, Ned. They weren't that good and they're not that old.'

Detective Nhu 'Ned' Kelly is in way over her head. Not every member of the New South Wales police force has welcomed the young, half-Vietnamese woman into a job where the old school still makes the rules. When two bodies are discovered in the footings of an old Bankstown building, Ned catches the case. As she works to uncover the truth, she is drawn into Sydney's dirty past - and the murky history of her own family.

Bit by bit she gains ground on the murderer, just as he's gaining ground on her. Familiar faces begin to look suspicious. How close to home will she have to look? It's time for Ned to decide who is on her side - and who wants her dead.

This one is on my list to read this year for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014. And I have been reliably informed that there’s a sequel on the way as well.  So you can enter the Goodreads giveaway here (sorry Aussies only).

Or if you simply can’t wait Booktopia has it for $21 here.

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