Jan 1, 2014

2014 – The Cunning Plan

So yesterday I let the year slide by through a veil of Whisky Sour and 2014 arrived slightly seedy.  Still at least my neighbours didn’t catch me crawling from my car in my pyjamas. So what is the big plan for 2014(understanding of course that no plan survives contact with reality or children)?


  • I plan to return to working 2-3 days a week as a relief teacher. I am not happy about this.  I should write a best selling book or something.


  • I’d like to up my writing content and get some more poetry published in paying/prominent markets
  • I’d like to continue the novel I have been procrastinating around


  • I would like to read more books this year.  Maybe I should get on to this instead of surfing twitter and facebook.


I maintained some respectable stats despite my blogging falling by the wayside toward the end of the year.  So I intend to:

  • Blog more reviews
  • Blog reviews of short fiction
  • Blog DVD reviews


  • I’d like to continue to raise the profile of Galactic Chat. We had a very good last 6 months but am toying with the idea of a two week schedule.

So that’s the cunning plan.

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