May 19, 2012

Understanding Privilege

Mr Scalzi attempted to reframe the discussion around privilege with a metaphor that SWM(straight white male ) gamer dudes might understand with

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

An admirable effort, though in hindsight using the Games analogy was always going to bring out those types of people that focus on the minutiae, the rules lawyer types, those that have no idea of what the spirit of the game may mean.

WARNING - Don’t read the comments

Mr Hines having followed the discussion, dug up some statistics to try and help those determined to turn Mr Scalzi’s post into a personal attack on their own poor disadvantaged straight white male lives, realise that its not about them on a personal level.

Can you here the sirens, yep lots of Whaaaambulances.

Anyway here’s Mr Hines post

Facts are Cool

Then I came across this comic book representation the Patriarchy as Matrix, and thought maybe we need to approach the situation visually.  Anyway enjoy - you may need to embiggen the gif to rad the matrix script.

feminist matrix[source]

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