May 5, 2012

Gender and Publishing links

I have spent a number of hours on a Sekrit project today that will be revealed in due course. 

There have been some good gender and publishing posts with a focus on the local scene.  I draw your attention to the following:

Number crunching 10 years of the Ditmars

I was sitting with Jules last week watching The Voice on fast forward (we record it then zip through all the boring bits) and I suddenly has this urge to number crunch the Ditmars.  Admittedly, it was an urge sparked by the recent Ditmar ballot which can be found here.

I was also only interested in the three fiction categories – Novel, Novella and Short Story.  I did consider throwing in Collected Works / Anthologies but decided against it because what I wanted to look at was whether female writers were being recognised in Australia.

This is what I discovered [read on]

That was from the incorrigible Ian Mond.  Edit:  Check out his second post as well. Next is a breakdown of gender related statistics on Speculative Fiction novels published by Aussie authors in 2011 by the wonderful Tsana D.:

More Gender-centred Statistics on Australian-Authored SFFH Novels in 2011

After my earlier post about broad gender distributions in Australian novels last year, Tansy valiantly volunteered to add target age groups and genres to the mighty list of SFFH novels published in 2011. She sent the spreadsheet back to me and I poked Numbers into generating statistics and made some pie charts. Yay, pie charts!

First, because for some reason it didn’t occur to me to post it last time, the distribution of books published by different types publishers (large, small press and self pub). You can see which publishers I counted in which group in the earlier post.

[read on]

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