May 16, 2012

Colosoul features article on Twelfth Planet Press

Colosoul  Magazine features an article on Alisa Krasnostein and Twelfth Planet Press:


On The Twelfth Planet

It could be said that all fiction is essentially speculative, as its very nature is to imagine possible worlds (be they reflections of our own or something entirely new), different lives and the content of other minds – to form conjectures that have no requirement for evidence or rigour. The term ‘speculative fiction’, however, specifically refers to a collection of genres brought under an umbrella of family resemblance, including science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and horror.

Alisa Krasnostein identifies speculative fiction as “the ultimate genre of escape”. The appeal of the genre, she believes, is that “no matter how alien the aliens or how fantastical the creatures, they’re all still reflections of humanity.” Alisa states, “I love the genre because it constantly seeks to understand ‘the other’.

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