May 29, 2012

Cracklescape Giveaway

Margo Lanagan, yes that Margo Lanagan not the other one*, has written a collection for Twelfth Planet Press called Cracklescape.  If you are lucky enough to be coming to Continuum 8 I hear that TPP are holding a Cupcake and Cocktail book launch on the Friday night at Continuum.

But if you are not coming and are a bit light on cash you could throw your hat in the ring for a giveaway.

crackleThe Blurb

A presence haunts an old dresser in an inner-city share house. Shining sun-people lure children from their carefree beachside lives. Sheela-na-gigs colonise a middle-aged man’s outer and inner worlds. And a girl with a heavy conscience seeks relief in exile on the Treeless Plain.
These stories from four-time World Fantasy Award winner Margo Lanagan are all set in Australia, a myth-soaked landscape both stubbornly inscrutable and crisscrossed by interlopers’ dreamings. Explore four littoral and liminal worlds, a-crackle with fears and possibilities.


  • Introduction by Jane Yolen
  • The Duchess Dresser
  • Isles of the Sun
  • Significant Dust
  • Bajazzle


The entry form:

Is here

*The evil Margo Lanagan from another dimension…no hang on is our Margo the evil one? Anyway you shouldn’t be reading this silliness.

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