Mar 15, 2012

NecroScope Closes

necroscope_FBThe news came out Monday that Necroscope, the Australian Zombie Review Blog had closed:

NecroScope Closes: It is with great regret that we announce the official closure of NecroScope: the Australian Zombie Review Blog.
Unfortunately, of late, the various personal commitments of the staff and management of NecroScope have precluded the regular updating of the site, despite the constant (and...

I am not a Zombie Fanatic, but I enjoy a good zombie film, Undead, the Australian title and Shaun of the Dead come immediately to mind.  But every time a site like this falls by the wayside it’s a little sad.  These are Fan run things by girls and guys like me who do it for the fun, who provide entertaining Free content a review or a heads up.  It’s largely a thankless job but its one that adds value to the community

Vale NecroScope.

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