Mar 19, 2012

More Ditmar Pimpage

I am still planning on doing some coverage of the works in the Eligible list but until I get around to it here’s some Ditmar posts from Dr Lisa Hannett and Super Librarian Sue Bursztynski:

  • Ditmar Award Nominations Open
  • It feels like only yesterday that I last mentioned the Ditmar Awards on this website, but apparently a year has passed already! Ditmar nominations are now open — until April 13, 2012.

    There is an incredible list of eligible works and potential nominees this year (as is also the case with the Aurealis Awards) — so many great stories for us to read, so much great writing happening in Australia at the moment! [read more]


  • Ditmar Time
  • It's that time again. Time to nominate your favourite Aussie artists and writers, so that one in each category can go up on the platform at this year's National Convention, Continuum, to collect the award that's our answer to the Hugos.[read more]

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