Mar 26, 2012

Heads Up - Tales From The Bell Club– Ed. Paul Mannering


This collection has only just come to my attention and features a couple of authors that I follow via twitter.  Tales From The Bell Club, is published by Knightwatch Press and edited by Paul Mannering.

It includes Australian authors Jason Nahrung and Helen Stubbs as well as New Zealand writers, who I am ashamed to admit I don’t know of.





Table of Contents:

The Kiss - Jason Nahrung
The Adventure of the Laboratory - Kathleen Dale
The Quarantine Station - Lee Clark Zumpe
A Gentleman's Folly - Phil Hickes
The Widow Dotridge - Douglas J. Moore
Sayuri’s Revenge - Helen Stubbs
Divine Providence - Robert J. Santa
Tell Tom Tildrum - Edward M. Erdelac
Fluke - Lynne Jamneck
Spawn Of The Crocodile God - John McNee
Life and Limb - Andrew Freudenberg
The Girl In The Cabin - Richard Barnes
The Wager - Jeff C. Carter
The Shrieking Woman - Doug Manllen

Gender Breakdown

Female  21%

Male 79%

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