Mar 24, 2012

The benefits of talking about Ditmar eligibility


I think I may have mentioned previously how enlightening and enjoyable it was to peruse the Ditmar Eligibility list and find myself astonished at how much I had missed. 

I like to think that being plugged into Twitter, Facebook, and signed up to 200+ RSS feeds, that I have my finger somewhere near the pulse. 

The trouble is that Australia is big and our writing communities spread out across the country.  I’d like to think that social media and the internet brings us closer together, but I’m not sure if it doesn’t just allow us to meet people we like and form other small communities in Cyberspace.

But getting to my point.

I’d like to bring to your attention, a fan publication that without talk of Ditmars and Twitter, I wouldn’t have known existed.

The Dark Matter Fanzine

darkThe Dark Matter Fanzine is compiled and edited by Nalini Haynes, it’s a labour of love that she and her supporters have managed to keep going since October 2010.

In this age of multi author blogs with no fixed publication and fast turn around it almost feels like a harking back to an earlier time when we had to wait for our content. 

Nalini has put in a mountain of work, the Magazine is eligible for a Ditmar.  You can checkout the past issues here.

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