Mar 25, 2012

Is this the future of the Book?

cloudI was perusing the specials at Booktopia this morning and cam across this special deal they are offering for Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet .

This is a very special celebratory edition of this quintessential modern Australian classic.

A collector's piece, each copy of this limited edition numbered, slip-cased, section-sewn hardback is personally signed by Tim Winton.

The production values on this beautiful edition are exceptionally high. The book is printed on pristine paper in three-tone text with silver end-papers and pearlescent jacket and slipcase papers, with spot gloss on the box itself to give an enamelled look. The printing on the spine is in gold foil.

This is edition is both for collectors and investors.

The retail price- $250.  Booktopia's price $199 .

Now most people I know don’t have that kind of money for a book.  But I do know people who will shell out money on collectors items.  So my thinking is; is this the future of the book, or at least the hardcover?  As the uptake of  eBooks increase are we likely to see more collectors editions?  Is there an opportunity for book binding artisans to create hand bound works of art?

Note: Checkout Cory Doctorow’s With a little help project

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