Oct 22, 2011

Max Barry Signing at Embiggen Books

machineman_lrMax Barry, author of Machine Man, will be doing a book reading/signing at Embiggen Books in Melbourne next Saturday. 

Specific Details

Max will begin reading from his book at Embiggen Books at 3.00pm Saturday October 29th.

Please RSVP: (03) 9662 2062 or on events (at) embiggenbooks (dot) com or visit them at let them

What’s it about?

When Charles Neumann loses a leg in an industrial accident, it's not a tragedy. It's an opportunity. As a scientist, Charlie always thought his body could be better. His employer, military contractor Better Future, has the resources he needs to explore a few ideas. So he begins to build parts. Better parts.

Charlie's prosthetist, Lola, is impressed by his artificial limbs. But some see him as a madman. Others, a product. Or even a weapon. Existing at the intersection between mind and body, in the dawn of the age of pervasive technology, Machine Man is a gruesomely funny tale about one man's quest for the ultimate in self-improvement.

Warren and Kirsty who run Embiggen are supporters of speculative fiction, science and reason.  Their shop as recently flooded due to a fault in the building above them.  I am sure they would appreciate some foot traffic, even if you can’t make it on the Saturday.

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