Oct 23, 2011

Galactic Chat with Ian Irvine

VengeanceTaintedRealm1_medFriday just past I had the wonderful experience of sitting down to talk with Australian and best selling international author Ian Irvine(he in NSW and I in SA).

Ian’s a veteran of 27 novels, including his own very original fantasy cycle, a range of children’s fantasy and three eco thrillers.

There are a number of topics covered, from the imminent release of his latest book Vengeance, to the monopolisation of the book market by Amazon, to changes to the Australian speculative fiction scene.


You can grab the interview from Galactic Chat or stream through the player below(it’s around 35 minutes):


Note:  Unbeknownst to me, there was a recording glitch that occurred about 5 minutes into the interview.  Thankfully it only effected my end of the conversation and I was able to edit in my questions in post production.  You miss out on my seamless segues but you get Ian’s answers, which if truth be told,is what you are here for .

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