Oct 30, 2011

And dreams of a fantastic holiday get strangled by a spiteful leprechaun

kangarooIs calling Alan Joyce a leprechaun racist? Does the fact that I have Irish ancestry make it ok?

Whatever the case I sit here, nursing another severe stress induced headache trying to clear the backlog of review posts.

But I am entranced by Latika Bourke’s tweets from the “Fair Work Emergency get planes in the air at all costs meeting”.

Will I fly?  No idea at this stage and Qantas’ information on cancelling flights and rebooking with another airline at no cost is a little confusing.  Not sure if I have to wait for them to cancel before I can switch to another carrier(by which time they will be full) or I can do so now and risk losing money?

Qantas aside at being sh*t at employee management, seem to be sh*t at customer service and clarity as well.

I suppose at least it’s only a holiday my first visit with my nephew and a meeting with some good folks, oh and my first Supanova.  All of which could be rescheduled, I don’t mind waiting another 6 months for holidays- (that was sarcasm).

Things can always get worse

It could be worse - three Australians were killed in Afghanistan today and two kids in a road accident just down the road from me.

But there’s not much I can do, so to pass the time I shall be listening to the latest edition of Galactic Suburbia, down one team member who is in San Diego at world Fantasy.

It was either that or think up juvenile limericks about Alan Joyce.

Here are the women of Galactic Suburbia doing what they do best in Episode 

Or you can download them here

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