Oct 1, 2011

eBook Review–Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts


Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts is the second in Twelfth Planet Press’ Twelve Planets series.

I have been HANGING OUT for the ebook version of this book and fully appreciate the work that has gone into making my wish a reality(yes they did it just for me1).

What does one get?

For the meagre sum of $5.95 the reader is treated to 4 original and reasonably independent works, lovingly woven together. 


  1. Julia Agrippina’s Secret Family Bestiary
  2. Lamia Victoriana
  3. The Patrician
  4. Last of the Romanpunks

Love and Romanpunk is a bit of a showcase of Tansy’s skill. Each of these works are independent in both style and tone, which I think makes for an entertaining and refreshing read.

I think all could stand alone, bar the last, which does rely on the others to a large degree for backstory.


If pushed, I liked Lamia Victoriana the most,  Tansy has captured Victorian repressed sexuality, gothic horror/romance and Roman vampires all in one short piece. 

I appreciated the construction, the form and the history of Julia Agrippina’s Secret Family Bestiary but enjoyed it less than the other pieces. 

The Patrician could be expanded into its own book - a little buffy mixed with a little Dr Who as other reviewers have mentioned2.

The Last of the Romanpunks was action, and hardboiled humour - a nice little tale to wrap up the series.



Overall I got the sense that Tansy had a lot of fun writing this collection.  It was certainly an enjoyable, relaxing read. Read it if you enjoy good writing, if you are keen to see a snapshot of what Tansy is capable of .

Then being the unabashed fan that I am go out and buy anything else by her.

In a publishing market flooded by Vampires stories, Tansy somehow walks away from 4 vampire stories unscathed.  They are all delightfully fresh and original.  That in itself deserves applause. 



1. No they didn’t but I like to think the world revolves around me.

2. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/164560441

You can purchase the paperback here.

You can purchase a lovingly crafted epub version via automated download service here.

You can purchase a Kindled version here through Wizard’s Tower Books

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