Jul 17, 2013

Sir Julius Vogel Award Winners 2013

queen-of-iron-years The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are awarded each year at the New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention to recognise achievement in New Zealand science fiction, fantasy, horror, and science fiction fandom. They are commonly referred to as the Vogels. [Wikipedia]

You may remember my review of Simon Petrie’s novella double.  But in case you don’t here it is.

This years winners are as follows:

Best Novel
Queen of Iron Years
Lyn McConchie and Sharman Horwood
Kite Hill Publishing

Best Youth Novel

The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse
Frederik Brounéus
Steam Press

Best Novella / Novelette
Flight 404
Simon Petrie
Peggy Bright Books
Appears in Flight 404/The Hunt for Red Leicester

Best Short Story

“Hope is the thing with feathers”
Lee Murray
Royal Society of New Zealand

Best Collected Work
Mansfield with Monsters
Matt and Debbie Cowens
Steam Press

Best Professional Artwork

Les Petersen
for the Cover of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear
Edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie
Peggy Bright Books

Best Professional Production/Publication

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Chronicles – Art and Design
Daniel Falconer

Best Dramatic Presentation

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Fran Walsh, Guillermo del Toro

Source and Fan Awards found here

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