Jul 15, 2013

Year of the Ladybird released

the-year-of-the-ladybird I somehow missed this earlier in the month. 

Graham Joyce’s, The Year of the Ladybird, mentioned in this Coode Street podcast was released in Australian around the 9th of July.  Joyce’s other works have also borne the scrutiny of the Writer and the Critic podcast

I hesitate to say I am a fan of Joyce only because I haven’t read more than a chapter.  Odd, I know but I couldn’t and still can’t afford the time to read purely for pleasure (gives Ziggurat of review books a weary stare).  That being said, I thought the writing was good enough to purchase everything with his name on it.

Its only available in hardback at the moment but if that’s too pricey Booktopia have some of his other work at a decent price here.



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